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It’s a real honour to welcome you back!


  • 2 separate events throughout the year.
  • Latest research showing the paradigm shift from NAFLD to MAFLD.
  • This paradigm shift will be explored for its impact on diagnosis and treatment.
  • Consider the updated guidelines and information for MAFLD.

And of course: discussion with our international experts.

5 reasons to participate

reason-1 To stay up to date in the ever changing field of liver care.
reason-2 To understand how research and clinical practice are coming together to improve patient outcomes.
reason-3 To exchange with your peers in a environment of mutual experience and expectations.
reason-4 To benefit from updated information and digital tools that will enhance your clinical practice.
reason-5 To network with some of the most influential professionals in liver health.

Resources for your clinical practice

Discover a library of educational resources such as scientific articles, videos and presentations about Liver health: NAFLD and diagnosis, patient cases, resources for patients and EPL evidence.

> NAFLD Disease and Diagnosis / > EPL evidence / > Information for patients / > Patient cases 

Discover materials