During the 2 days of the Global Liver Health Forum, HCPs learned from 8 leading international experts and discovered the latest updates in NAFLD research and current clinical practice. All sessions were live streamed with interactive Q&A!

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Topics that were presented:

  • NAFLD epidemiology and co-morbidities… 
  • Disease burden and therapeutic approach…
  • The value of RWD (real world data) – MANPOWER studies
  • The NAFLD patient journey… 
  • Hepatoprotective treatment options…including the role of Essential Phospholipids (EPL)  
  • NAFLD to MAFLD - the importance of steatosis in the paradigm shift 
  • Detecting steatosis in clinical practice - EPOCH Registry 
  • Essential phospholipids - latest Real World data 
  • Digital trends in healthcare - impact on NAFLD management 
  • NAFLD profiling through physician practice - Polish RESTORE study
  • NAFLD/MAFLD guidelines overview  

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Resources for your clinical practice

Discover a library of educational resources such as scientific articles, videos and presentations about Liver health: NAFLD and diagnosis, patient cases, resources for patients and EPL evidence.

MAT-GLB-2101093 - April 2021